Cockroach Control

We provides 100% odor less total and effective control crawling insects like cock roaches, mosquitoes, spider , silver fish red and black ants etc. In this treatment no need to vacant premises during and after the treatment.

Chemical used

We used 100% odor less chemicals like gel, other odorless chemicals manufactured by leading companies. These chemicals are successfully evaluated and certified by World Health Organisation’s (WHO) pesticide evaluation scheme.

Frequently Asked Question for Cockroach Treatment:

How long will the cockroach treatments will take?

Answer: Treatment will be effective for 3 months, for better effects you must keep the premises clean, and then you can stay free from cockroaches for longer period.

What are the kinds of treatment you use for cockroaches?

Answer: We provide Gel treatment, chemical spray treatment.

Should I vacate my home for treatment?

Answer: No, It is not necessary, we will apply spray chemicals, Gel in area of your home & you don't want to move things.

Are this Treatment Safe for kids?

Answer: Our all treatment is Children safe & 100% Odor less and high non-toxic. We use the latest (third generation) insecticides, to which the pests have not become immune.

What will be the warranty period?

Answer: The warranty period is for cockroach treatments is 2 months.


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