Q. Do I require emptying out my kitchen?
No, it's not necessary to empty kitchen as we apply a gel to areas where cockroaches nest or harbor. In the case of milder infestations no liquid sprays will be applied to the areas.

Q. What do I need to do earlier to the Pest Control treatment?
Access to room edges is needed to spray along skirting. Therefore clothing articles, books etc. should be moved off. All raw and prepared food items should be clear from tables and isolated.

Q. Will the spray you use stain my floors or carpet?
No, the mixture we spray does not stain. It's a water based residual spray that doesn't contain tough solvents which might affect coloring or finishes.

Q.Is it safe to stay in my premises while you spray?
Yes, its safe, but we suggest that you leave your premises while the treatment and to ventilate the rooms thoroughly after completion for 4 hrs before settling back in.

Q. Will I see cockroaches, ants etc. after the treatment?
Yes, it's possible that insects may wonder in from outside. Probabilities are that they will have crossed treated areas and will die eventually. However any insect that comes in direct contact with the fumes is killed instantaneously.

Q. How often should I have a Pest Control treatment done?
Regularly at intervals of at least twelve months. Shorter periods may be suggested, according to environmental situations and severity of pest problem.

Q. How much does it cost?
Rates for our services vary according to the area to be treated, severity of the infestation and some other factors.

Q. Do you use poisonous or toxic chemicals in/around my home?
We use just CIB registered pesticides that are labeled for use in/around homes. We also use the least toxic pesticide that available to control the targeted pest.

Q. How difficult are termites to treat?
Termites are almost impossible for homeowners to treat on their own. On the other hand, our professionals have the training, expertise and tools to eliminate termite infestations.

Q. What can a homeowner do to prevent from termites?
Termites love moisture; if you have any moisture more or less around the foundation of your home, avoid that. Switch water away with properly working downspouts, gutters and man holes. Reduce humidity in edge spaces with proper ventilation. Prevent shrubs and vines from growing over and cover vents. Be sure to eliminate old boards, unused wood etc., left in place after the building was constructed. Remove old tree stumps and roots around. Remove any wood contact with the soil. An 18 to 20 inches gap between the soil and wood portions of the building is perfect.

Q. Are there any discounts for your services?
Customers who have a current termite warranty receive service at a discounted price. Additionally, should you choose to prepay for an entire year of service, we will discount 5% from that annual price. You may also qualify for additional services at no charge for recommending a friend, family member or neighbor after they have received a minimum of three services.

Q. How may I pay for service?
Payments can be made through different ways. You can pay cash or check at time of service, prepay for a time period or we can bill you. We also accept most major credit cards if the total due is greater than INR.25,000.

Q. Do you charge a fee to provide quote for pest control servicing?
No, we never charge a fee to provide quote for pest control servicing. Inspections are carried out free of cost.

Q. What is the benefit of working with you?
Move to the 'credentials' section of this website and you will came to know that we are certified from various big organization and moreover we are the member of IPCA and approved by Govt. of India.

Q. How long has you are into this business?
Green City Enterprises was established in 1987.

Q. Suggest some ways to protection from cockroaches.
Reduce shelter and access points, seal all cracks and crevices in bathroom, pantry and kitchen. Store all cardboard boxes etc. above ground level. Cockroaches do not like drafty exposed areas and bright lights. That's why some restaurants keep their lights switch on at night.

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